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Kaweah Delta Continues Women's Health & Wellness Series | Events

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Kaweah Delta Continues Women's Health & Wellness Series
Kaweah Delta Continues Women's Health & Wellness Series

A new Women’s Health & Wellness Series will continue its year-long series on Thursday, Feb. 21, to help educate women about health conditions from menopause to urinary incontinence.

The series is hosted by Therapy Specialists, a division of Kaweah Delta Health Care District, at Central California Physical Therapy Specialists, 3362 S. Fairway St. Instructors for the series are: Angela Duran, a physical therapist and certified lymphedema therapist, and Carrie Davidson, a physical therapy assistant.

All classes are free and offered two times a day from 12-1 p.m. or 5:30-6:30 p.m. To attend participants must RSVP to 625-2476. Topics are as follows:

-Feb. 21: Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and Prolapse. Learn about the reasons for “the feeling of pressure” in your female organs and bladder and bowel problems.

-May 2: Menopause: Learn how hormonal changes can affect your body and the purpose of women’s health therapy.

-July 11: Are you familiar with your own body? Get a better understanding of female anatomy, functions and changes with age.

-Sept. 12: Pain in your female organs is not a myth. Begin to understand why a high percentage of women have pain that affect their sex life and ways to manage such problems.

-Nov. 7: Pregnancy and Postpartum Issues: Understand some of the drastic changes that happen in your body with pregnancy and tools to address them.

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